Happy New Year from Mariposa Miniatures!


About the Artist

Hey there! I'm Meghan, the artist behind Mariposa Miniatures. I've been running my shop of adorable collectibles and accessories since 2012, but I've been sculpting tiny things for much much longer. 

I participated in my first craft show when I was 10 years old under the name "Meg's Minis." Crafting and creating was always one of my passions, and I grew up in a very creative and supportive family. I graduated college with a degree in Creative Writing with the dreams of being a novelist. During my time at school I rekindled my love for sculpting and opened my shop.

I think my real dream was to be my own boss, and create whatever my heart desired all along. 

My Process

All of my work is hand sculpted with polymer clay, hand painted, and varnished to glossy perfection. I love polymer clay. It's versatile, durable, and such an accessible medium for all ages. Like with any artistic medium though, it takes lots of time and attention to learn how to best work with it. I would highly encourage any aspiring artists to pick up a pack and try for yourself!

Each and every piece is painted by hand with tiny brushes and a variety of paints, pigments, and sparkly accents. This is my second favorite part of the process. Painting the base sculpture is where I really discover what each and every piece is meant to be.

Packaged with Care

Everything is made in small batches right in my little studio. I like to make sure each and every piece is as close to perfect as it can be. But that's the beautiful thing about handmade art, each and every piece has it's own unique quirks. Even duplicate designs are one of a kind treasures.

The last part of the process is sending my creations off to their new home! Everything is packaged safe and snug in small, decorated boxes. I use eco-friendly packaging wherever possible. Please be sure to reuse or recycle any boxes and filling you don't plan to keep!

Live your life with color and magic!

Don't let anyone tell you that you're too old for cute things. My jewelry and sculptures are for all ages! One of my biggest goals with my artwork is to show people that it's okay to daydream, to wear pink, and love fantastical things. Just be your amazing self ❤