Happy New Year from Mariposa Miniatures!

Bumblebee Figurine


This chubby little bee resembles a bumblebee due to his round shape, but he is just as fit to make sweet treats as the rest of them! Despite his large stinger, this little bee is a pacifist, and loves to guard your flower vases and other household plants. Of course, he would love to go on adventures too, as long as you're there with him.

This friend inspires qualities like:
Team Player
Green Thumb

  • 1 inch (2.5 cm) wide
  • smooth and glossy
Process & Materials:
  • hand sculpted with high quality polymer clay
  • hand painted with acrylic paints
  • hand glazed with a thick and durable glossy varnish
All of my products are made by hand and each one has slight variations from the piece pictured here. I do my very best to make sure each piece is as identical as possible.