Happy New Year from Mariposa Miniatures!

Fairy Garden Bumblebees (Set of 3)



No fairy garden would be complete without some tiny friends. These miniature bumblebees are the perfect addition to your potted flowers, succulents, or moss gardens. They will sit high above the ground and watch over all of your favorite plant friends. Pair them with some fairy mushrooms for an extra magical arrangement!

These bumblebees come in sets of 3. Each bee is unique, and you will get a variety of shapes and sizes. They are glazed with a waterproof varnish and have floral wire stakes in the bottom to make them easier to stick and secure in your terrariums and miniature gardens.

Process & Materials:

• hand sculpted with high quality polymer clay
• hand painted with acrylic paints
• hand glazed with a thick and durable glossy varnish

These are best placed in personal potted plants and indoor terrariums that do not get direct sunlight or rainwater. While the glaze is waterproof, extreme exposure to water could damage the item, and excessive sunlight may make the colors fade over time.