Happy New Year from Mariposa Miniatures!

Frog Ear Cuff



This adorable, sparkly ear cuff comes with a cute froggy friend and doesn't require any piercings! Lightweight, comfortable to wear, and the best part: no piercings required. Ear Cuffs can be gifted worry free, because anyone can wear them.

When wearing our ear cuffs, we recommend sliding it on from the thinnest part of your ear and moving it into place. If you need to adjust the ear cuff wider or thinner, do so slowly and not too forcefully to prevent breakage (especially with the clay coated cuffs).


  • frog charm
  • choice of silver or sparkly clay coated ear cuff
  • lightweight and no piercings required

Process and Materials:

  • hand sculpted with high quality polymer clay
  • hand painted with acrylic paints
  • hand glazed with a thick and durable glossy varnish

All of my products are made by hand and each one has slight variations from the piece pictured here. I do my very best to make sure each piece is as identical as possible.