Happy New Year from Mariposa Miniatures!

Narwhal Figurine | Galaxy



From the deepest reaches of the galaxies comes this little Narwhal covered in space dust and stars. He's sure to guide you on great adventures as long as you take him along with you! This miniature is a mix of blues, purples, and pinks, and hand painted with countless white stars. You can even choose your favorite: a deep blue narwhal from the darkest reaches of space, or a bubbly, cotton candy pastel narwhal from the land of dreams.

No two narwhals are alike due to their hand painted nature! I like to keep the flow of the colors and stars as organic and unique as possible.

This friend inspires qualities like:
Shining Bright


  • 1 inch (2.5 cm) wide
  • smooth and glossy

Process & Materials:

  • hand sculpted with high quality polymer clay
  • hand painted with acrylic paints
  • hand glazed with a thick and durable glossy varnish

All of my products are made by hand and each one has slight variations from the piece pictured here. I do my very best to make sure each piece is as identical as possible.