Mystery Eggs are back! Find the surprise friend of your dreams inside these iridescent eggs.

Purple Ombre Fairy Mushrooms



Fairies love to seek shelter from the rain under these bright mushrooms. Fairies love colorful things, and these mushrooms, with their ombre cap are sure to delight them. Each one has been given plenty of delicate spots and speckles. They will look stunning in any terrarium or faerie garden.

All mushrooms are hand sculpted with polymer clay, painted with acrylics, and sealed with a durable, glossy, waterproof varnish. They have floral wire sticking out of the bottom to properly secure in any fairy garden or terrarium.

Process & Materials:

  • hand sculpted with high quality polymer clay
  • hand painted with acrylic paints
  • hand glazed with a thick and durable glossy varnish

These are best placed in personal potted plants and indoor terrariums that do not get direct sunlight or rainwater. While the glaze is waterproof, extreme exposure to water could damage the item, and excessive sunlight may make the colors fade over time.